1 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

How stupid can i be?! :)

i just love (!) coming home -very tired- from a boring school day and finding out that i forgot my keys! i mean how stupid is that?! it gets even sadder when i remember that our housekeeper intentionally told me that she would be out when i got home and so to get my keys with me. oh god i cant even bare talking about it and remembering those emberassing moments i spent outside our house. other than my homeworks, tests and exams to study for theres really nothing else to talk about.

the sketch below is again a little design from me, that i went for a more lady gaga-ish look with,
hope you like it;


ps. you're maybe wondering why i dont have a color for today: thats because i've decided not to have a color for these boring, empty and mood-less school days. i just thought it would be meaningless:D

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